Suburban Living

Some friends I know in Auckland have kindly allowed to me to housesit for them for my first week in New Zealand whilst they are on holiday.  And so I’m currently living in a beautiful house (complete with hot tub) in a South Auckland suburb called Mangere Bridge.  I do have one housemate, but it’s okay she’s small, hairy and spends most of her time outside licking herself.  Meet my roomie:


And so I’ve been using this blissful downtime to:

  • Deal with the jet lag.  A few 6am starts, and a few 5pm emergency naps – hasn’t been too bad really.
  • Do the boring life stuff. Set up a bank account, switch my driving licence, get my tax number sorted.
  • Detox from the seemingly endless boozing that started around two months before I left (and I am absolutely not writing this on the deck with a chilled beer in my hand).
  • And also do some local exploring…


Sunday afternoon hiking in the Waitakere Ranges (hiking boots were worn before the change into flip flops!)
The house I’m living in happens to back onto a volcano, seemed rude not to check it out.
An amazing day viewing some of New Zealand’s rarest birds on Tiritiri Matangi – an island which has been transformed into a bird sanctuary.


I do have a few more hikes and other bits I’d like to check out before I leave here on Monday.  It’s been a lovely week relaxing in the sun, and next week I join the Stray Bus in Christchurch to begin my South Island travels.

It’s not a bad life really.


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