The Awkward First Blog Post

Well here we are again, the ‘Here, There and Mostly’ series is back by popular* demand and this time we’ve jumped 21 time zones ahead.  Kia Ora!  Welcome to ‘Here, There and Mostly New Zealand’.

For those of you new to this encapsulating world, in 2012 I launched  ‘Here, There and Mostly Canada’ as I departed Glasgow on my maiden solo voyage to Vancouver, where I was to spend the next two years.  And most likely this endeavour will follow a similar fate wherein despite my best intentions, you’re not likely to hear from me on a particularly frequent basis – sorry and/or you’re welcome.

However, as you may have guessed from the title, I’m now in New Zealand and I’m hella excited about it!  Under the delusion that my skipping the country days were over, that I was a working professional in London doing the best impression of an adult that I was capable of, after a two week holiday out here in late 2015, I knew I’d be back.  As fate would have it, it turned out that there was a time restriction on my inevitable return due to the upper age limit on the current working holiday visa.  I had to apply before I turned 30 last year and enter the country within a year – so here I am, happily shoehorning myself into the next adventure!

*A few people mentioned it.  One person mentioned it.  Possibly.




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